• Stunning cage for pigs

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    The stunning cage for pigs is used at the beginning of the pig slaughter line, for the entrapment of the animal, in order to achieve the easiest and best stunning of the animal. 


    The stunning cage for pigs is completely made of stainless steel and is designed for use only at pigs’ slaughter line. By using the stunning cage, the stunning process of the pigs is quicker and easier. The animals getting into the cage calmly and they are stunned one by one. The entrance of the cage is either to the left or to the right side of the cage. At the opposite side, there is the terminal of the cage which is appropriate constructed in order to allow the light to get into the cage, so as to keep the pig calm and simultaneously captured in the cage.  

    • Completely made of stainless steel
    • CE Certification
    • Quick & calm stunning
    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • Simple & quick use

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  • Restrainer for pigs

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    The restrainer is constituted by two plastic conveyor belts, which retain the animal. During its move, the animal is captivated at the two belts which are installed in V arrangement with its leng to be free. The construction of the machine has no dark points in order to avoid the animals to feel fear.,bas me sex

    • Better meat quality due to the calmstunning
    • Stable capacity of the pigslaughter line  
    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • CE Certification

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