• Electric conveyor for pigs bleedingElectric conveyor for pigs bleeding

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    The purpose of this machine

    aloha rube,The electric conveyor for pigs bleeding is appropriate designed and constructed for use in slaughterhouses. It ensures the horizontally full bleeding of pigs.

    Description – Electric conveyor for pigs bleeding

    • Automatic washing system
    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • Low voltage (24V)
    • CE Certification

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    The blood collection basin is constructed to collect the blood after the bleeding process while it keeps the area clean. 

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    The blood collection basin is connected with the blood main in the slaughterhouse, where there are pumps and a tank for blood collection before the blood goes for coagulation and sterilization. The basin has two siphons. The first is used for the blood drainage and the second for the water drainage during the clearance process.    

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