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    The electric suspension system for transferring the carcass is used in order to transfer the beef casrcass from the bleeding line to the processing line 

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    Construction made of hot-galvanized steel and stainless steel. The dehided leg of the carcass is captured by the special stainless steel hook of the system and the slaughterer removes the skin of the other leg. Then he transfers the carcass from the bleeding line to the process line.   

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    sansual jane,The stunning cage for cattle is used at the beginning of the beef slaughter line, for the entrapment of the beef in order to achieve the easiest and best stunning of the animal.

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    aloha tobe,The stunning cage for cattle is appropriate designed and constructed for use in slaughterhouses in order to achieve the best results in cattle’s stunning. Completely made of hot-galvanized steel. There is a special pouch on the machine for the stun gun.

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    • Entrance door for the animal. Vertical movement and pneumatic operation by a button, which is placed on the frame of the machine.
    • The operator, press a button and captivate the neck of the cattle. In the continue, with a piston rises the head of the animal to the desired level, according to animal’s size.
    • The operator, with the press of a button capture the neck of the animal. In the continue, by a piston, the head of the beef rises to the appropriate level, according to the size of the animal (on request)
    • Tilted exit door. After the stunning process, the exit door opens by a button, and the stunned cattle is released.
    • The floor of the cage is made by concrete, in sloped position so as the stunned animal to be moved through the inclination out of the machine.
    • Special stainless steel columns fastened to the floor so as to retain the stunned animal when it is released from the cage.
    • Safe Stunning
    • Calm Stunning
    • Ergonomical Design
    • No maintenance cost
    • CE Certified

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  • Halal killing cage for sheep

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    chudai hd,Suitable for halal slaughter. The cattle get into the halal killing box by the behind door. The door closes and automatically the head of the animal is pushed upwards. The box turns 1800 with electronic control and when it is at the right position, the slaughterer cuts the animal’s neck. After slaughtering, the box returns to its first position, the door opens and the animal falls to the special grid in front of the halal killing box. Dip-galvanized or stainless steel construction. Pneumatic or hydraulic operation. The grid for receiving the slaughtered animal is included.

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    The purpose of this machine 

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    Description – Halal cage for cattle (galvanised)

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    • Safe halal killing process 
    • Calm halal killing f the cattle 
    • Ergonomical Design 
    • No maintenance cost 
    • CE Certified 

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